Weekly Summary 25

Corn prices in Chicago are five years high
News from the markets in Bulgaria
Today’s forecasts show that more dry models are stretching at least until the beginning of July, so we can officially say that the mass start of the harvest this year will begin in dry and hot conditions.
At the same time, the chances of precipitation remain, but the main quantities will already be taken into account in mountain areas.
With the continued growth in international grain markets, we see gradual price crushing in the country leading the corn market.
For a week his price has risen by $ 2.87 and for the last 4 weeks with $ 11.49 to $ 167.
Other cereals receive support, with feed wheat also rising from $ 2.87 to $ 169, while barley returns from $ 2.87 to $ 161, but for the week it is $ 2.87 down.
Weekly appreciation also marks the rape market, with prices rising $ 1 to $ 398.
Sunflower prices show no change and remain at $ 374 per port and $ 359 in the country.
But oil and grease continue to rise as the week rises by $ 11.49 to $ 719 for oil and $ 5.64 to $ 397 for food.
  • Export of soy from the 5 major exporting countries
    (USA, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) was
    lower than expected in May, reaching a level of
    15.5 million tons.
  • Russia and Ukraine produced respectively 416,000 tons
    502,000 tonnes in April 2019, exceeding the level
    for the indicated month compared to the previous year.
  • The greatest increase in cow production
    oil is expected in India and China. Growth is expected in
    the countries of South America and New Zealand.
  • In July / April 2018/19 the processing of soy, sunflower
    and rape in EU-28 increased.
  • Weak import in October / December 2018 it is
    cause of increased imports of vegetable oils and
    oil smokes in Turkey in January / April 2019.