Market information – week 17

News from the markets in Bulgaria
In most days of the next seven days, agrometeorological conditions will be determined by an unstable and cool season, inform the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology.
Predicted rainfall will maintain a good level of moisture in the upper soil layers, which is a prerequisite for the normal sprouting and leaf-forming of sown crops with sunflower and maize.
Falling precipitation in the second ten days of April to 35-40l / m2 (Lovech, Pleven, Svishtov, Razgrad, Shumen, Dobrich, Elhovo, Bourgas) led to a significant increase of the waterfall in a 50 cm soil layer.
These rainfall after the spring droughts formed were crucial to overcome the moisture deficit in autumn crops in most of the field areas in the country.
During the rape period, flowering and formation of reproductive organs will be observed.
In the case of wheat and barley there will be a massive spraying phase. In some crops, a transition from the spraying phase to chopping will take place.
1. Due to the continuing commercial conflict between
Canadian and Chinese Canadian Canal exports to China is
well below the usual levels.
2. Russian farmers planted 191,000 ha of sunflower and 25
Thousand ha of spring rape until 10 April.
3. Significant imports from the EU, India, China, Iran
and Iraq have increased world sunflower exports
oil to 3.1 million tonnes in January / March 2019.
4. The expected growth in world sunflower exports
oil in October / March 2019 will be under
the leadership of Ukraine with 3.40 million tons.
5. The EU and India were the main markets for Ukrainian soybeans
oil in recent months.
6. Sunflower imports from Turkey have increased,
assisted by the duty-free import of 300,000 tons
decision of the Turkish Government.