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Who we are

Corporate History

Si Ko is a family company and is named after my father SImeon KOnstantinov. My parents started the business in 2006.

In the beginning, they faced many challenges such as lack of orders, difficult to reach the right customers, as well as working with unsuitable business partners, excessively inflated prices, mainly due to greedy farmers and commission agents.

We hardly even reached the right quality parameters that our customers really need. Each indicator was learned the hard way by the method: “Trial, error.”
Even finding the right manufacturer of the process equipment needed to produce our shelled sunflower seeds – pasteurized, organic and conventional – was a challenge. The optimal quality-price-customer satisfaction ratio took us some time before we reached the point where all customer requirements were satisfied. Suddenly we went from one truck a week to 2 trucks a day. The jump was phenomenal and the team was not prepared for this turnaround. We have started our staff training program and are building a team of professionals. We tried different models and coaching methods until we finally found a system that worked for us.

Now we only work with selected clients who are easy to work with. Being a perfectionist, I always find out what else can be improved, but it is this striving that drives us forward.

The professional execution of orders does not interfere with the personal attitude towards each one. At this point, we are dedicated solely to expanding our product range and business services.

Galina Dimitrova



We are a producer of pasteurized sunflower and we help health mix producers to earn more by offering them an alternative to organic sunflower in the form of pasteurized sunflower and thus save costs of at least 15%.

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Siko Ltd. Faq's
You can’t stand still, because that actually means that you’re going backwards. Self-improvement is a continuous process.
As a company and as individuals, we never compromise our values. We care for the seed while you succeed. We honor our partners and are honest in our communications. Our relationships with co-workers, customers, suppliers and partners are based on openness and opportunities for mutual gain. We value simplicity, we take actions and we expect results.
We set goals high, because we know we can do great things. We treat these goals as promises to our customers and to ourselves. Our continued success depends on keeping our promises. Success is measured by the results we produce in customer satisfaction, sales, profitability and the scope of opportunities we provide for our people.