News from the markets in Bulgaria
In early August, the development of spring crops in most parts of the country will take place with a deepening deficit of soil moisture, according to NIMH.
  • Exceptions will be observed in places in Northwestern Bulgaria and the Sofia field, where precipitation in July exceeded the monthly norms and increased the level of moisture reserves in 50 and 100 cm of soil layer.
  • In the western regions of the country, the forecasted precipitation in the second half of the first ten days of August will provide moisture for the vegetation of the later hybrids of corn and sunflower.
  • In Eastern Bulgaria in the second decade of August no precipitation is expected and in some places the deepening drought will call into question the harvest of spring crops grown under non-irrigated conditions.
  • In some of these areas, due to the scarce July precipitation – in places below 2-3 l / m², the soil moisture reserves in 50 and 100 cm layer are completely depleted.
  • After several days of major changes, MATIF’s grain markets closed almost unchanged yesterday.